This One Simple Thing Could Help You Stop Eating So Damn Much


    If you’re guilty of overeating when you get home from work like I am — severely, every single thing in my kitchen starts looking appealing around 9 pm — science has some excellent news for how you can transgress your late-night binge habit.

    Clean up your kitchen.

    I know, it voices style too easy. But according to a small, new study published in Environment& Behavior, cluttered kitchens may cause peopleto overeat.

    For the study, researchers recruited 100 women. The women was later led into a neat or messy kitchen and devoted tasks: either to write about times they felt in control or days they felt out of control.

    There was also food placed in the kitchen, and participants were told they could feed as much of the food as they wanted.

    Ready for these results? Although the environments didn’t have an impact on how much healthy food they eat( carrots and crackers ), among the women who wroteabout feeling out of control, the women in the messy kitchen feed twice as many cookies as the women in the tidy kitchen.

    Their writing assignments also had impacts on calorie intake. While in the messy kitchen, participants who wrote about periods they felt in control eat fewer cookies than the ones who wrote about feeling out of control.

    So, if a messy kitchen is kind of your thing, first of all, that’s gross. Second of all, you should probably clean it up in the name of your waistline and bikini season, which will be here sooner than you think.

    Speaking of bikini season, if you’re looking for other ways and means of slim down, we have ’em. Try drinking tea, eating more lean protein, maintaining the refrigerator shut after dinner and feeing more slowly.

    Good luck!

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