Red Planet is Ready to Welcome Humans and Private Flag Bearing Companies from Earth will make it Happen


Ever since researches have come to conclusion – there is possibility of life on the red planet Mars, several private funded frontline companies have started to work on the idea of colonizing Mars with intelligent and worthy human population. The purpose to colonize Mars is to create interplanetary species; ones who are going to become the first change agents. Mars is the planet, which has environment and landscape more similar to Earth. It has signs of existence of water. In fact, there is atmosphere on Mars, which has not been the case with many other planets existing in the solar system. It is going to be a great sport, if you plan to get transported on the Red Planet. The gravity existing on Mars planet is almost 30 percent similar to Earth.

One of the broadly outspoken private companies that have taken the gargantuan challenge to transport humans to planet, of course against the cost, is SpaceX’s. The company is already working on the plans, and they are on the anvil too.

Why the Vying for the Mars

The fear of extinction while living on Earth has always been the biggest fear, which is striking scientist for quite some time. Several space missions have been conducted in recent and distant times, and Mars is what comes to be the obvious choice. Moreover, Mars seems to be possible living place, and the teams interested are in queue.
Experiments are on to develop a fledgling city, which is going to be self-sustaining. In many ways, human life on Mars will make lot of sense. The life will seem to be great. There were also talks to settle on Venus, but searches have shown hot acid bath.

How Feasible is Mars Colonization

The question that comes to general laity is that – How feasible is human colonization on the Mars? The question is money. There are people who want to go to Mars, and there people who cannot afford. The cost for human settlement mission on Mars as put by SpaceX $10 billion, and this cost is for each of the person.
Settling on Mars may be an understatement in its present scenario, but there is lot of reality in support of it. This reality is scientific in nature and moreover, truth always follows the truth. Mars missions for colonizing human population are also based preponderance of space vehicles. There is need for arrangement to have more propellant available on the Mars for undertaking the return trips. Moreover, there is also need to have right combination of propellants to ensure safety of passengers back to Earth.

Before the human colonies are settled on Mars, there are several questions, which need answers, and not just answers, but concrete set of solutions. Until those solutions are not found, time-frame worked out for Mars colonizing missions is not going to work at all. Moreover, the teams interested to become the part of this colonizing activity may not become interested for the very reason of risking their lives during the mission.


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