Eating Chocolate For Breakfast Can Help You Lose Weight — 5 Recipes To Try


    According to Liz Moskow, culinary director at Sterling-Rice Group, it’s very possible that chocolate cake will become a regular breakfast food because of all the health benefits it offers.

    The Denver food expert lately told Food Business News that a Syracuse University study found that dark chocolate improves cognitive functions like abstract reasoning, memory, and the ability to focus — all of which construct your workday much easier. Moskow also mentioned another analyze from Tel Aviv University which found that feeing dessert in the morning can even help you lose weight, as our metabolisms are most active during that time of the working day.

    That said, if your breakfast desserts contain a ton of fat and sugar, you won’t reap any sweet benefits. Don’t worry, though — we’ve got you encompassed. Here are five deliciously healthy chocolate recipes.

    1. There’s no need to give up Nutella when you can induce your own healthy homemade version!

    2. It’s pretty much impossible not to drool over this amazing chocolate banana bread.

    3. Not only are these double chocolate muffins low on calories, but they’re chock-full of protein!

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    4. If you want an especially decadent breakfast without the guilt, this dark chocolate avocado mousse is the only way to go.

    5. And of course, you can have your dark chocolate zucchini cake and eat it in the morning, too!

    Get ready for a new revolution, chocolate lovers. We’ll never have to feel shame about starting the day with chocolately goodness ever again!

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