How To Burn Calories At The Beach This Summer

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    Summertime is FINALLY here. You know what that means: summertime Fridays, long weekends and lots of sun.

    Instead of working out in a stuffy gym, we now have the freedom to exert outside. The entire world can be our gym. There is no more cold weather holding us back.

    Imagine, it’s a Saturday morning, and you simply laced up your sneakers to go for a nice early-morning run in the summer sunshine. But as soon as you’re about to leave the house, your fun friend( let’s say her name is Rebecca) calls you to go to the beach.

    Rebecca is always down for a good time, so you don’t want to say no, but you simply finally convinced yourself to get out of bed and work out. Alas! What does one do in this situation? Run out or head to the beach with fun-friend Rebecca?

    We have a solution to this agonizing problem — you can work out while you’re at the beach!

    Check out this video to ensure what beach activities you can do to burn all the same calories you were going to lose while exercising the regular way. You might be surprised to find out sleeping is on the list of activities.

    Happy summer!

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