4 Easy Tips To A Better Body, As Told By Kate Hudson


    If you’ve been paying any attention to Kate Hudson lately, “youre supposed to” noticed she’s all about health and fitness.

    Her athletic apparel line, Fabletics, features Hudson and her abs on the front page of its website, and her new volume on loving her body, “Pretty Happy, ” will be available later this month.

    In an interview with PEOPLE publication, Hudson opened up about her suggestions for taking good care of your body. Thankfully, there are no burpees involved.

    Hudson simply suggested stretching on a daily basis, engraving out some downtime or “me time, ” picking and doing training exercises you like three times a week and taking advantage of at-home workouts.

    Sounds pretty doable, right?

    This isn’t the first we’ve heard about Hudson’s wellness routine. In an interview with Shape magazine, Hudson’s Pilates trainer Nicole Stuart talkedabout the actress and author’s fitness strategy.

    Stuart told Shape,

    We do Pilates for an hour, three times a week. If shes prepping for something it will be more. We always combine cardio — like a mile running — before a Pilates class. On off days, shell satisfy me for yoga or a spin class.

    If Pilates three times a week will get me abs like Hudson’s, sign me up.

    If you want more tips-off, “Pretty Happy” makes shelves on February 16, and I’m going to guess it’s full of wellness wisdom.

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