Most sinful New Year’s Eve getaways


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    Lets face it: its not difficult to give in to sloth. Thats especially true in the Caribbean, where sleeping in, lying on sugary white-sand beaches, and lounging in hammocks is practically a requirement. Then, of course, its easy for gluttony to take over, as you roll right into an extravagant dinner and a long night of drinking.

    But whats wrong with that? After all, this year was a year of scrimping and saving, of working harder and playing less. Just as we began living more socially and environmentally responsible lives, we also took fewer vacations, rarely shopped, and seldom opted for dinners out. Its time to blow off some steam, and New Years Evethe most hedonistic of holidaysis the best chance to do it. So to set you off down the path of indulgence, weve put together some amazine New Years getaway ideas inspired by the seven deadly sins.

    Sinful getaways may not exactly be a trendafter all, more and more travelers are seeking out authentic, local experiences. In our trends report, for example, we assure dining at underground supper clubs and shopping for everyday items to take home as souvenirs becoming more popularhardly extravagant activities. Thats even more reason to make a sinful statement this New Years.

    Of course, life cant be all about hedonistic pleasures. So with each of our sinful getaways, we offer a suggestion on how to atoneafter all, theres no need to start the New Year with a guilty conscience.

    1. Tokyo, Japan iStock Gluttony: Tokyo


    Why Its Sinful: More than 150,000 restaurants beckon insatiable eaters from far and wide, seducing them with the precision and drama of Japanese food and award-winning international eateries. In fact, since Michelin started producing a guidebook for Tokyo in 2007, the city has landed 11 three-starred eateries, more than any other in the world( poor Paris, in comparison, has only 10 ).

    Where to Bide: The Hotel Seiyo Ginza puts you on Tokyos jam-packed shopping street, with many of the citys best eateries, including the three Michelinstarred Japanese Koju, and LOsier, by renowned French chef Bruno Menard.

    How to Atone: Make a pilgrimage to the Sensoji Temple, which allows you pray for weight loss in 2010.

    2. Pride: Miami Beach

    Why Its Sinful: Theres a reason Miami was voted to have the best-looking people in America. And youll fit right in after a visit to Canyon Ranchs newest outpost here. Start off with an extensive total body evaluation at a roundtable with health professionals, and book private fitness class. Soothe post-workout aches with lavish therapies at the high-tech Aquavana Spa.

    Where to Remain: Canyon Ranchs suites are allaying and modern, each with its own full kitchen, 400 -thread-count sheets, and deep soaking tubs.

    How to Atone: After a visit to Miamis nude beach, Haulover, youll remember that it takes all shapes and sizes to induce the world beautiful.

    3. Lust: Rio de Janeiro


    Why Its Sinful: From the hot steps of the samba to the ever-present thong bikini, Brazil oozes sex appeal. Not only is the country a breeding ground( literally) for some of the most wonderful models in the biz, Brazilian culture also embraces sensualityfrom racy carnival costumes to the nationwide preoccupation with the perfect derriere.

    Where to Bide: The location of Copacabana Palace offer access to the beach with the best party ambiance. Youll have a front-row seat for the fireworks and the all-night party.

    How to Atone: Join the crowd of white-robed priests and priestesses who worship the goddess of the sea, Iemanja, and baptize the faithful on the Rio shores.

    4. Greed: Las Vegas


    Why Its Sinful: If counting stacks of money sounds like the ideal route to ring in the New Year, then Sin City welcomes youand your billfold. Try your luck at Bobbys Poker Room at the Bellagio. Strictly for high rollers, the rooms two tables have a $20,000 minimum buy-in.

    Where to Bide: A Tower Suite at the new Encore at the Wynn means youll have your own apartment, entryway, enrollment desk, and a view of the entire Vegas skyline.

    How to Atone: Donate your winnings to Opportunity Village, a Las Vegasbased nonprofit that offer job training and services to the mentally disabled.

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    5. Sloth: The Grenadines

    Why Its Sinful: Laziness is praised on Mustique and St. Vincent islands, where one can pass the working day napping, sunbathing, and relaxing on the powdery beaches. Go for a massage, float in the crystalline Caribbean, and sofa in a hammock.

    Where to Bide: The Cotton House on Mustique has a quiet plantation feeling, while Raffles Canouan is more of a sophisticated hideaway.

    How to Atone: Run up a sweat with a day of sail, or snorkel in one of the many coral reefs.

    6. Envy: Malibu, CA


    Why Its Sinful: Hollywood gossip is a favorite pastime of Americans, and at the heart of it is pure bitternes for celebrities lookings, notoriety, and fund. The big stars set up camp in Malibu, a dazzling seaside community with 21 miles of deep beaches. On December 31, volume a table at the scene-y Geoffreys, where you can watch the whos who of Hollywood flash their diamonds.

    Where to Stay: Co-owned by David Geffen and Larry Ellison, the Malibu Beach Inn is a low-key, stylish oceanfront hotel. Private balconies in every room look out on to Billionaires Beach.

    How to Atone: Stalk good times instead of starrings at Disneyland in Anaheimyoull feel like a kid again.

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