You’d Think These People Made Massive Life Changes, But They Just Cut Out One Thing


    The people you’re about to see look like they’ve built major life changes, but they are cut off one thing: alcohol.

    Getting sober is no easy task. I’ve watched several friends and family members try to set down the bottle for good, only to pick it right back up again. Often, sobriety is about a lot more than just ceasing drinking. In addition to the physical craving, many people need to deal with anxiety, depression, and other matters that built them crave alcohol in the first place.

    The 10 people on this list have insured major changes in their own health since leaving alcohol behind. Take a looking.

    1. After just 300 days sober, this guy looks completely different.

    2. Redditer brittsuzanne says, “I put the vodka bottle down and checked myself into rehab. Eight and a half months sober now and 35 pounds lighter. I feel like myself again.”

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