If you eat 2 tablespoons per day, those unwanted kilos will soon be forgotten!


    Chia seeds are becoming more and more popular as “they il be” being recognized for containing an impressive sum of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements for overall superior health benefits.

    These seeds originally came from Central America and have also been associated with being a power food. The sum of magnesium they contain is impressive: over 15 times more than broccoli! They also contain 4 times more iron than spinach and 10 times more omega-3s( healthy fats) than salmon, which is known to be an excellent source for omegas.

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    By adding chia seeds to your diet you may be able to tackle the following : Weight loss :

    You end up feeling fuller much faster as the seed absorbs lots of liquid and swells in the belly. Youll end up feeing smaller portions as a result, which is ideal for weight loss efforts.

    Heartburn :

    Relief from heartburn can be a result of chia seed consumption. Taking in a spoonful can result in the absorption of extra stomach acid, leading to your heartburn going away.

    Healing wounds :

    Cell replacement is sped up and wounds are healed faster due to the seeds containing amino acids, vitamins and trace elements.

    Thyroid problems :

    Chia seeds contain selenium and zinc which help to regulate thyroid function, as well as restore hormone balance.

    Gastrointestinal problems :

    Flatulence, belly cramps, and diarrhea can all be rapidly reduced. The seeds swell and counteract the effects of diarrhea while the plants fiber gets intestinal activity rolling is again. This in turn helps with constipation.

    As a blood thinner :

    This can greatly reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke as one analyze from the Nutritional Science Research Institute been shown that indeed chia seeds have a blood thinning effect.

    Heres what 2 tablespoons of chia seeds cover daily :

    25% Copper
    20% Magnesium
    26% Fiber
    14% Calcium
    11% Phosphorous
    29% Vitamin E
    11% Vitamin B1
    18% Vitamin B3
    38% Omega 6
    13% Iron
    11% Manganese
    8% Potassium
    5% Vitamin A
    7% Vitamin B8
    8% Zinc
    2% Biotin
    0,16% Vitamin B6
    308% Omega 3

    Good to know :

    The other great thing regarding chia seeds is that they are indeed gluten-free, while having hardly any calories to them. They can assimilate liquid, turning into a gel when they are soaked, and you should always drink plenty of liquids to ensure the body has enough liquids operating through it when devouring chia seeds.

    Give these guys a try as they certainly are power foods with many benefits due to all the high dosages of vitamins and minerals they contain!

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